Thursday, 18 July 2019

Gratitude Book - by Lesley

Hey everyone. Only a few more days until my kids break up for the summer holidays....which means it teacher present time! Whilst making thank you presents for them, I created this little book as well......

I used two of the mixed media boards as the covers. I covered them with patterned tissue paper and a watered down coat of white paint.

The rose bud stem was given 5 layers of embossing enamel. 5 layers...…...and the wood didn't buckle what so really can do anything to these craft parts!


I did the same with the butterfly on the back. A few rub-ons and more embossing were added.

I added some handmade paper for the middle and finished it off with some ribbon.

Thanks for reading

Ingredients used
Rectangle mixed media boards
Rosebud flower stem
Butterfly and vine

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