Monday, 6 May 2019

Summer Green Canvas by Julie Ann

Hello Everyone! It's lovely to be back at Calico Craft Parts Blog after an Easter break. And today I have a project inspired by 2 friends and my love of fairy tales!

The miniature world of this 5" x 5" chunky box canvas came into being thanks to a gift of the most beautiful napkins from my American friend, Melissa; the inspiration of my 'teamie' Jennie Atkinson who creates exquisite 'shabby chic' pieces with napkin tissue and my own rather quirky imagination.

Here's how it all started!

I loved this napkin design from the moment I saw it so I carefully tore the top layer into largish pieces. To fix it to the canvas, I used some fluid matt medium with the merest touch of a leafy green acrylic paint, adding touches of diluted paint in 2 shades of green. Now it was time to search my stash of Calico Craft Parts for some foliage to add a 3D effect.

Oak leaves, maple, the branch broken from a skeleton tree: now my imagination was taking flight. The colours on the napkin were an inspiration for my palette too - complementary greens, orange and browns. . .

and where there are leaves and branches there must be birds..

but what about a little enchantment in the mix?

Everything moved like the wind in the leaves: tiny MDF circles became the faces of a shape-shifting prince and princess who could take to the skies and learn wisdom in the tree-tops. Their magical powers teach them that a fresh pear straight from the tree is more delicious than any grand banquet; that a bird's song after spring rain is as enthralling as the music of the finest orchestra and that yesterday's fine palaces crumble and return to nature.

I used acrylic crafting paint; acrylic ink with a very fine brush and some water-colour pencils to create the faces on the little discs.

Melted gold, extra thick embossing powder and some clumps of moss help make the centre from this frame resemble the ruins of an ancient chapel in a lonely country house. I usually fix the craft parts with extra pieces of MDF left behind after carefully pushing them out with tweezers. This gives a project dimension and ensures that you don't waste anything.

What I love about chunky box canvases is that you can add interest around the sides too!

Using paint with a script stamp when the project is completely dry provides a nice finishing touch to any canvas.

Thank you so much for taking flight and perching in the trees with me for a moment today. May your creativity soar until we meet again!
Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
Robin MDF Wood Bird Shape
Robin MDF Wood Bird Shape 2
English Oak Leaves
Mini Sugar Maple leaf and twig
Chestnut Leaf
Branch from Skeleton Tree Wood Shape 8
MDF Round Mini Plaques
Sheet of Mini Crown Wood Shapes 1
Sheet of Mini Bees and Beehives
Halloween Multi Frame - Gothic


  1. Lovely canvas Julie. fabulous imagination and pretty birds. xx

  2. Thank you so much, Etsuko. I'm so glad that you like it. xx

  3. Oh Julie Ann! This is the most wonderful scene! The napkin was just perfect for your story! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Thank you so much, Chris. That napkin was such a lovely gift. x

  5. What a wonderful chunky piece! Your story of the prince and princess comes to life so easily on this canvas!Again, I just love how creative you are with the shapes you use for your characters-an exciting tale in the works,II look forward to more tales of the flying couple!