Saturday, 4 May 2019

Acrylic Paint Pouring Tag by Kerstin

 Today I have a new inspirational project for Calico Craft Parts - 
it's a wooden tag, where I also used two elements (moon and tree) 
made with silicone moulds and some
acrylic sealing compound from the DIY store.
Now I have finally managed to try out the new trend-setting Acrylic Pouring Technique! 

 I worked with DecoArt Pouring Medium and the "Puddle Pour" method.
 I used only three colours: white, black and "Silver" Metallic paint from DecoArt.


After a longer drying time I was inspired by the marbled effects and it made me think: "Great! That's a perfect background for some gorgeous wooden pieces from Calico Craft Parts.

So I used some clock hands for the moon face.
The natural colour of the MDF wood the Calico Craft parts are made from is a very good contrast against the black, silver and white from my background.

 Calico Craft Parts used:
Clock Hands - MDF Add On Sheet
Sheet of Mini MDF Hinges Wood Shapes
 Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Cogs - Style 1
Art Deco & Nouveau Style Ornament Shapes - Style 9
Sheet of Mini MDF Hardware Wood Shapes

...and the result:
'Acrylic pouring of a different kind'

 I hope you like this new inspiration.

Happy crafting!

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