Saturday, 29 September 2018

Upstairs Downstairs... by Zuzu

Another Halloween project from me. (no surprise there).
this one uses one of the lovely cabinets with a shelf.
Ive used it as a house more than a cabinet with the top shelf being the upstairs and under that is the very suspect and spooky downstairs.
Ive filled it with things I had lying around the craft room. (yeah that's the kind of stuff I have cluttering the shelves.)

Ive used the large "cubby with shelf" which you can find in beside the shrines. Just select the size you want and choose shelf or no shelf.


  1. What a great project - full of imagination and ingenuity. I love the covering on the shrine and the little bits and bobs inside are fantastic. The painted background is superb too. It's all really atmospheric.

  2. Love this so much, Louise! What a cosy place to be in (if you're upstairs) - and what a creepy place downstairs! I wonder what's in that trunk....
    As Julie said - very atmospheric!

    Claudia x