Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Face by Lesley

Hey people,

This week I have been playing around with paints and faces...….using a rectangle birch ply plaque.

The plaque was primed with gesso to give the paint something to cling to. 
Next I glued down a tissue sheet that was pre-printed with a face. 
I used various colours of acrylic paint and lots of stamps and stencils. 

The face didn't have much shape to her, so I raided my craft parts box! I love the fact that you can easily snip away at the craft parts. 

Using the butterfly and vine, style 11, I cut away the butterfly. The larger part of the vine was used to shape her head, and then the two smaller parts I used for the chin and gave her a fancy eyebrow, 

Next, I chopped up the wild poppies, style 51, and added them to the plaque. 

This may end up as a book cover...….or stay as a wall hanging. :)

Thanks for reading,



  1. A beautiful little project, Lesley. I love the colours, the face and the abstraction. x

  2. I just adore how you have made the Calico Craft Parts pieces such natural parts of your beautiful composition! Very innovative and inspiring! Wow!
    Claudia xxx