Saturday 8 September 2018

Octopus En Vogue by Kerstin

Hello crafty friends!

Today I would like to introduce another special wooden shape from the Sea & Marine creatures series.

It's the Giant Sea Octopus  who has a lot of awesome engraved details and a very special look. It reminds me of the adventures of Captain Nemo, a very famous fictional character by Jules Verne.

I created a book shadow box in steampunk style (you can see the inside at a later time).

Having learned from the experiences on my last project with the awesome Anchor Collagethis time I have deliberately not painted but only wiped the octopus craft part with white and green patina Antiquing Creams  so the piece stands out better from the dark background.

some details:

Nevertheless he should get an individual touch and so he wears monocle and cylinder - suitable for Steampunk style. The top hat is of course from the latest fashion collection, because the Octopus of the world wears his hat in the trendy Sea look style ;-).

I simply used a punched out gear, a shell (Beach & Seashell collage) and an original starfish.

 A monocle was urgently needed, because it is always very dark under the sea and Mr. Octopus is getting a bit long in the tooth, so he has to improve his view on things.

To do so he also uses a lantern from the Mini Nautical motifs Style 5 , embellished with three little gears, a metallic wing and small plastic eyeglasses (before, it was a drawing pin) attached on a chain.

Mr. Octopus sits on top of a 

behind the plastic foil window you can catch a glimpse of the deep sea world

(sorry, that is very difficult to see)
but you can recognize the many little suckers,
WOW, that's
 absolutely impressive!

I used a lot of textures to create a great 3D look: corrugated cardboard, cutting dies, embossed structures, Texture Sand Paste

 I hope I can inspire you to create your very own handmade project in your individual style.

Thanks for your visit!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Wonderful, imaginative project, Kerstin. I love the textures so much! xx

    1. Thank you very much Julie, your comments are always very appreciated! Hugs, Kerstin xx