Thursday, 1 March 2018

Bats Gone Wrong-by Lesley

Howdy folk.
I hope you're all wrapped up warm and toasty on what it probably the coldest day of the year so far! A scorching -4 where i am!

The piece i wanted to share with you today is sadly not quite finished. My craft room is my basement......and it is so blinkin' cold down there at the mo........i can't work down there! So i have rustled up another piece from the confines of my kitchen!

Now.....i absolutely hate waste. And with that in mind, i used some off cuts for this canvas. The piece i was working on originally.........i cut up some of these bats.....i only wanted the wings. So, i had the rather cute dumpy bodies left.

How dinky are these little fellas!?

The canvas board is 6x6" in size, which i primed with gesso.

I then used some paint and my pinkies and covered the board, drying inbetween layers as i went.

For the little fat bats......i sanded down the sides where i had cut off their wings. I then stamped onto them and added a couple of coats of melted wax on top.

I cut of some fluffy bits from some old feathers and glued them on the back before adhering them to the board. I then used dots of black enamel for their eyes.
A word element was used for them to sit on.

Right.....fingers crossed this horrid cold weather disappears soon, and i can venture back downstairs again!

Thanks for reading,

Ingredients used
Word elements, travel and explorer
Vampire bat silhouette


  1. What a great idea for using up those bodies! Hope things are thawing out a little where you are. xx

  2. Gorgeous colours and background Lesley and love how you incorporated the parts . Tracy ❤️❤️