Sunday, 24 September 2017

Adventure Awaits by Julie Ann

Hello, it's great to be back at the Calico Craft Parts Blog as Autumn works its magic. This is a special time for me, not only because of the seasonal gold, reds and oranges, but also both our children were born in the Autumn! This year, instead of a birthday card for my daughter, Matilda, I chose one of the Calico Artists' Trading Cards - and a story!

When Matilda was a tot her obsessions were cats and stories! Even though she knew the contents of the well loved books inside out, she would still cuddle up and wait with anticipation for the adventure to unfold: if those adventures involved cats that added to her delight! Edward Lear's 'The Owl and the Pussycat' was a great favourite!

 Matilda has a real adventure to look forward this birthday - a trip to Venice, a gift from her partner, Elliot. In the ATC I have created for her, The Pussycat dreams of the adventures that lie ahead for her and her new friend, Owl in their beautiful Pea Green Boat.

Calico ATCs are the perfect substrate to work on - the possibilities are endless. I began my project with vintage map paper, which I aged with spatters of water-colour, and a scrap of lace trim stiffened with some heavy gel medium...

The Pussycat's gown was originally worn by Mary Queen of Scots! How Miss Pussy got her paws on it I'm not quite sure, but I love the bold red with the autumnal brown. The fun of collage is that you can create a wardrobe for your own characters in no time at all and their character begins to emerge!

There are a whole range of Calico ATC frames to choose from and they add another dimension to the adventures too. Here I used some design paper with a linen weave pattern coloured with water-colour and some tea-bag fragments to add texture around the edges. The Pea Green Boat was coloured with acrylics, diluted with acrylic glazing fluid and touches of water-colour pencil.

How regal the Pussycat became as I gathered calico parts and little broken jewellery pieces to add. The Owl, the love of her life, became a troubadour, singing to his feline lady of adventures in undiscovered lands. From the day she first heard his beautiful music throughout all their adventures together, the Pussycat wore a tiny miniature of him around her neck, along with her jewelled carved cross. Thank You so much for stopping by today. I hope this Autumn will be a golden time for you. If you're planning craft projects now the days are shortening, do pop over to the Calico Shop where you will find so much to inspire you!
Calico Craft Parts in this Project
Plain ATC Wood Blank with Boat on Waves frame
Word Elements Travel and Explorer
Fleur de Lis Cross style 2
Hearts mini Greyboard shapes


  1. what a fabulous atc, and a wonderful story. I hope Matilda enjoys Venice.

    1. Thanks Helen, I'm sure she will enjoy herself. xx

  2. The lovely thread of Story runs through this delightful piece, and through our lives. This artwork will forever remind Matilda and Elliot of this adventure together, and of the Mother who bestowed such love and caring. xox

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely comment, Heather. xx

  3. Dear Julie, I knew you would take me on a wonderful adventure , once again!!
    I love your stories , and this is so filled with love, between Owl and Pussycat , just think to wear that stunning jeweled cross with her love!!
    You created really magic, again, and mastered to create this story in such a tiny place the ATC represents, just gorgeous Julie.
    And Mathilda will lobe being in Venice with her dear friend- it is such a beautiful and romantic city !
    Hugs, xx

    1. Thank You so much, Dorthe and thank you for your kind wishes. Venice is indeed a beautiful and romantic place and I think Matilda and Elliot are going to really enjoy their stay. xx

  4. Oh that's so beautiful, Julie Ann! I hope they have a wonderful time and plenty of honey!

    Lucy x

  5. He's marvelous framed up like so and I adore those tiny waves! Hugs, Autumn

  6. Miss Pussycat looks absolutely stunning and oh so regal in the queens gown!
    Love the story as well as that pea green boat!
    Another smashing creation dear Julie Ann!
    Jackie xo

  7. Thank You so much, Jackie. I have to say that Miss Pussycat now has a good home with Matilda! xx

  8. I had to come and find out more about Miss Pussycat too - I seem to have missed her. What a wonderful pairing of birthday ATCs - with stories and adventures attached to make the heart sing. What better gift could there be?
    Alison x