Sunday 27 August 2017

A Nautical Hat by Julie Ann

Hello Everyone! Have you been on any exciting journeys this summer? Today I have a whimsical project inspired by fashionable ladies of the eighteenth century and maritime adventures!

This project started with a 'what if'? What would a Calico Craft Parts Galleon look like covered in map paper - and then - what kind of project could I use it on? I always find that when I gather a collection of Calico Craft Parts on my work table my imagination is sparked and all kinds of project ideas start to flow!

Once I'd succeeded in creating my 'map galleon', filing down the edges and fiddly little spaces in between the sails with a tiny metal file - which is not as hard as I thought it might be - I experimented with map papers on a mini block style Tall House kit.

As I played with the pieces, my thoughts kept turning to the elaborate coifs and hats of eighteenth century ladies that would sometimes feature intricate model sailing ships, and Marina - the stylish figurehead and protector of mariners took shape!

She has spent many months looking out over the waves, protecting the brave sailors as they chart their course over the wild ocean so the paint on her home has become weathered and cracked. I used some 'Marie Antoinette' inspired design paper to cover the body of this standard jointed art doll kit, style 1. A scrap of real lace and a lacy stamp form her elegant sleeve.

It was fun to create Marina's extravagant hat, using gauze to suggest both waves and a wind-blown veil. I used a Calico Flourish to suggest a brim and the sun-kissed foam.

I wonder what secrets of the deep Marina's giant shell whispers to her? I certainly haven't crossed any oceans yet this summer, but Marina is not just a ship's figurehead! She has a practical purpose - to store twine for projects and parcels. And she has an imaginative role to play too.

If I turn Marina's pedestal around, she has a message for me. I am reminded that we can travel anywhere in the world on the sails of our dreams.

I love how old maps and charts have their own kind of stories to tell and how imaginatively they play with images and symbols. They evoke the magic, excitement and danger of sailing to new worlds.

Home at last! The much travelled and rather sophisticated Marina has returned and here she is telling her traveller's tales at a gathering for Twine Goddesses. When I added her to the group, I realised that they could be seen as representing the 4 Seasons: Spring, new creative beginnings; Summer, travels real and imagined; Autumn, warm earth colours and Winter, fairy-tales told by the fire on snowy afternoons! Thank You so much for stopping by today. I will be back in a fortnight's time. I wish you happy creative days.

Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
Standard Jointed Art Doll Kit, Style 1, small
Block Style Tall House Kit, small
Galleon Boat MDF Wood shape, style 1
Floral Flourish Wood Border Embellishment
Sheet of mini MDF Nautical Motifs
Sheet of Mini Feather Wood Shapes


  1. Julie, she is gorgeous,- I love your story about Marina, and her hat, she is a beauty, and the parts used looks wonderful. I so agree with your view of the old maps,- what adventure it has been back then, dangerous and amazing , I`m sure.
    Dorthe, xx

    1. Oh, yes, I do love to read about discoveries of lands long ago. I remember when I first did so as a child and how it thrilled me. Now it's fun to express this through craft. xx

  2. Marina has such a pretty face! what a beautiful final piece this is.

  3. Julie Ann, I am under your spell. What a wonderful creation she is, or did she evolve, and how fantastic the story of how she came together and the final chapter where she sits comfortably amongst her own. This I'd so thoughtfully created and so imaginative. I do hope that the Somerset magazines get hold of how wonderfully unique and creative you are. Please continue to enchant us with your magic! Xx

    1. Thank You, Hazel, what a lovely comment. I hope you have a wonderful, creative week. xx

  4. Julie Ann! This is so whimsical and so much fun!
    Look at the wonderful collection and varied assortment of dolls you have created! I do love the ship cutout and the map applied to it- so clever my friend!!
    Jackie xo

  5. Thank You so much,Jackie. Have a great week. xx

  6. Marina is wonderful - from her marvellous map-galleon wig to her Marie-Antoinette dress - full of extravagance and adventure. I love the decorative papers around the back of the tall house too - and, as a collection, your seasonal twine goddesses look simply magnificent!
    Alison x