Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring Forward! (Spring Shrine) by Julie Ann

Hello everyone! This week I've been reflecting on Change with a Calico Craft Parts Classic Shrine. Last weekend here in the UK we put our clocks forward one hour, which means rising one hour earlier, but gaining lighter evenings. I always have to remind myself with the words, 'Spring forward, Fall back' so that I get that hour right! As with all changes, there were grumbles from our children over the years about one whole hour less in bed; but delight at the prospect of longer evenings playing outside! Now as we 'spring forward' again there are more changes! Our daughter has left home and she is springing forward herself into a new life with her partner. The house is strangely quiet without her, but she gifted me her old room as a studio!

Suddenly I have light, space and 'A Room of My Own'! As I sorted through my stash prior to moving it all upstairs, I discovered this spool of twine lying forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

I was inspired to create a shrine that would not only help me to reflect on change, but also ensure I could always put my hand right on that twine!

As I worked with brayer and stencils, in the light of the window, I thought how windows are opening in my daughter Matilda's life as she pursues a new job and a new life. She has left so many memories behind her in this room -  books, photos and mementos: the writing on the wall of the little shrine symbolises memories as we enter the new season. I used a brayer to create a textured stone effect and stamped the text with a metallic paint.

Outside the spring was moving forward with birdsong and uncurling leaves and opening buds.

My shrine houses a Muse. She represents Change, Creativity, Memory and the Cycle of Nature. Her face is a grey-board heart, crackled by time, but full of Love.

I was really happy with the effect of brayering straight onto the MDF shrine. My Muse had a face now; but she needed a name.

Because the Calico Art dolls have jointed arms, you can create really expressive little figures with them. My Muse has a dress of tissue with spring designs. I used tiny faux gems to symbolise dew drops framing her face.

I hope you can see from this image how much texture you can create on the MDF simply by brayering. I deconstructed the beautiful song birds on spring branches.They look so lovely all in one piece; but I was delighted with the effect of them placed individually around the shrine too. These beautifully detailed tiny acorns from Calico symbolise growing and flourishing - from tiny seeds of imagination what may grow? And the green eye of the Spring time watches over everything.

As our daughter springs into her new life, I know that I must move forward too, challenging myself to create in new ways. I love how this little Calico hare is so full of energy!

When my shrine was complete I still hadn't named the Muse within! All at once the choice was clear - Primavera, goddess of Spring, Creativity and New Beginnings. Thank You so much for stopping by today. Calico Craft Parts have some gorgeous pieces to help you gambol into Spring-time. I hope you will have a creative week of blossoming projects!

Calico Craft Parts used on this Project


  1. what a gorgeous shrine, Julie Ann! So much to look at; as always! I wish your daughter and her partner a fabulous new life together.

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  3. Gorgeous piece. I love the colours! Enjoy your new space to create in. X

  4. Thank You so much, Helen and Lesley. xx

  5. Julie Ann! Your shrine in honor of Mathilda and New is beyond delightful and Enchanting! I adore everything about it,the brayed paint straight on the Calico parts and the pieces round the outside, her crackled face,most of ll the tale which you share as you explain the creation!
    Bravo my friend! xoxo

  6. Fabulous use of all those wonderful small CCP pieces! Beautiful !

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments, Jackie and Jennie. xx

  8. Gorgeous colours and such an enchanting shrine, Julie Ann!
    Absolutely gorgeous and magical!

    Claudia x

  9. Absolutely love the stencilled Gothic window in the background - the bumping works brilliantly to add even more dimension. There's a lovely springtime feel to this shrine, and your Heart Muse is beautiful.
    Alison x