Wednesday 29 March 2017

Floral and Fauna Glass Egg by Lesley

Howdy peeps. Lesley here with a little rustic egg for you!

I've had this glass egg in the room of trash for years.......finally got around to doing something with it. 

Super easy to do. I collected some bits of driftwood, some twisty bits of rope and natural mossy type stuff. I sawed the driftwood into smaller chunks and glued them in the base of the egg. I then added the rope and moss.

I added some brown ink to the floral and fauna craft part. And a touch of green to the leaves (which you can't see!) I then snipped them up so i could use two of the flowers. I glued them in wedging them inbetween the wood.

And that was pretty much it! A rustic, natural home decor piece!

Thanks for reading

Ingredients used.
Cabbage butterfly and flowers


  1. I really like this idea, Lesley. The driftwood and moss look great with the Craft Part and I love your rustic/nature colours. I'm off to dig out a transparent bauble thing to have a play. x

  2. That's adorable, Lesley - a great idea!
    Alison x

  3. Oh yes! Adorable was what came to my mind too when seeing your charming make, Lesley! What a magical idea and so brilliantly executed! I love your unique projects a lot!

    Claudia x