Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Heart of Childhood by Guest Designer Lynne


It is lovely to be here, sharing my second Guest Designer post.

The substrate for my second project is a wonderful primitive style heart. When I selected this item to work with, I was drawn to the shape and knew that along with the other Calico Craft Parts I would incorporate into the project and a stamped focal, the story would unfold.

A young woman, who has one foot in childhood, with another into emerging adulthood, a quiet soul, who truly believes she has wings, wings which will allow her to fly in any direction she chooses in life. She whiles away the hours, imagining where her wings will take her, daydreaming.  Flights of fancy flutter around in her head as though her head is brimming over with butterflies, some of her thoughts floating free into the universe.

Let's leave her to immerse herself in her daydreams, for this young woman has a sweet heart and soon, childhood will be only but a distant memory, for she will move onto a new season of her life.
"Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons"

On the stamped image, a butterfly is perched upon her head which is one of the reasons I layered a mdf butterfly in this area.  It also adds to the notion of the butterfly thoughts swirling in her head and it brings a little dimension to the upper area of the stamp which balances the wings nicely.

Calico Craft Parts give the customer the option of having the primitive heart with or without holes.  I opted for holes but once I started working on the composition of the project, I realised I did not want the hole in the bottom of the heart but that was no problem because the layers of stained laces/trims and papers obscured the hole.

For the top hole, I threaded and wrapped rusty tin wire which was then attached to a piece of driftwood, which I had wrapped with sari ribbon I had stained.  The heart suspends nicely from the driftwood.

Thank you to Calico Craft Parts for having me as a Guest Designer.  I so enjoyed my time here, creating the projects I have shared with you.

For anyone who has taken time out of their day to visit my Guest Designer posts, then thank you so much.

The Calico Craft Parts products used today are:-
Primitive Heart Birch Plywood 200x113mm
Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Wings Style 3
Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Butterflies Style 5



  1. What creative and imaginative projects you have treated us to, Lyn. I love how you've used the Calico craft parts with such flair and originality, breathing so much life and meaning into each project. The staining, the textures and the composition on this piece are exquisite and I love the story behind it. I hope love is kind to your young girl xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dear Lynne! I always am able to feel the story that you weave with your art! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a lovely introduction to your young woman heart piece, dear Lynne. I love your stories, and this takes me on a flight ,too. Your heart is gorgeous, with ----can I guess--- the Infusions, used for background, and the wonderful butterflies dancing around in her head, that beautiful young woman,having her time of her life. So very beautiful, dear. xx

  4. This is so captivating Lynne, your story and the mood is so beautiful. I can see pansies in the patterns of the background. Pansies signify thoughts.....a very thoughtful piece! Xx

  5. This is a very special piece Lynne, I especially love the story that is part of this lovely creation.