Thursday, 2 February 2017

Be Your Beautiful Self by Lesley

Hey everyone. A quick make from me this week.........

Child number one has just turned 13, and like most other children suffers from the pressures of society to look good and keep up with trends......something i absolutely loathe. Obviously i think she is beautiful.......and i always try to instill in her that its whats inside that counts...........

With that in mind, i decided to alter a little mirror i picked up a few years ago......something to remind her that she is beautiful inside and out........
Please excuse the photos.......taking pics of mirrors is not easy!

The frame was originally just plain chunky wood. I primed it with a couple of coats of gesso. My original idea was to create a patina effect......I'm not entirely sure i achieved it! I'll let you be the judge of that!

The frame has several layers of paint on it. It also has gold resist powder and different colour metallic waxes.

Lots of interesting textures!

I have wanted to use the art dolls for a long time.......but i can't draw faces to save my life, so shied away from them. I bit the bullet this time and used enamel embossing powders on one. And then small bits of wire to join her together.

Finally i added some words on the frame. A reminder for everyone i think......"Be your beautiful self"

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Prim style jointed art doll in small


  1. What a great idea, Lesley! Girls are under so much pressure from the media and peer groups to look a certain way these days and it's so important to help them see their worth. My daughter is now 23 and those teenage years were tough! I really love how you used the doll, especially the wire to link the joints. I think the texture is superb.

  2. Fabulous altered frame Lesley and a great use of the art doll.

  3. I love the little doll Lesley and the colours are lovely as is the texture . Tracy x