Thursday, 24 November 2016

Alternative Crimbo Stag Head by Lesley

Bonjour people. Lesley here with a little assemblage for you..........

I was eager to use one of the new Victorian round box kits. Only i didn't use it as a box with a lid.......more of a freestanding piece!

These are easy peasy to put together......but there are instructions over at the shop should you need them.

I started by painting the pieces black and a dark granite colour. The panels were stamped and then embossed with an enamel powder.......liking the effect it gives. I then glued the panels into the base and fitted the lid on ( a little tricky!)

The stag head was from another project. He was originally covered in silver glitter! One coat of gesso.....and i then painted him in a pearly paint.

I applied glue to the end of his antlers, and then dipped them into some german glass glitter.

He was then glued down on top of an old wooden yo-yo. I painted it black, then filled the edges in with a gloss glaze, adding micro beads to it whilst it was still wet.

I added some burgundy twine type stuff around the middle of the yo-yo.

The box obviously had a hole in the top where the lid was supposed to go. I used a large bottle top to cover the hole. This was painted black with a little red wax around the edge.

The yo-yo was glued to the middle, and i repeated the gloss and micro beads around it. The bottle top was glued to the box.

Looking at the stag now.......i probably should have painted his eyes in......he looks kinda blind!

Thanks so much for reading.



  1. Wow! Lesley, I love this soooo much! I saw something like it in a gift shop the other day and fell in love with it, not with the price, though! Well done for creating something so quirky and so gorgeous! Did I say I love it? xx

  2. Haha, Lesley,

    as usual you managed to come up with something absolutely unique and imaginative! I imagined a lot of lovely, cute-sy ways to alter the Victorian box when it was released, but your version is absolutely genius and also comes with your special humorous touch that I so love about your projects! LOVE this to bits!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Love this unique piece, the base and stags head work so well together . The Victorian base is fabulous and I love your paint work. Tracy x