Thursday, 16 June 2016

Simplistic Beach Huts By Trish


I've gone very simplistic both in terms of colour scheme and actual finished article today :) I know, a bit out of my comfort zone!

I have created a simple, whitewashed beach hut home decor piece, just right to hang on the wall..

I used the lid from an old box as my base, painted it white then covered with a layer of textue crackle paste....

I love the effect this thick kind of crackle paste gives, nice and chunky, lots of ridges as well as the crackle!

I gave the whole thing a swipe with a baby wipe with brown ink dripped onto it, I find this a good way of getting a very thin layer of colour into the cracks. Of course, you can layer up the colour to create a more intense look if you wish!

The beach huts were sponged with white paint, then blue paint, then a little dry brushing with brown paint...

Sponging rather than actually painting with a brush will give a thinner layer, so the detail can still be seen. I finished off with a few 3D balls in differing sizes!

Not sure this pale and interesting look is really me... back to colour from now on :)
Trish x

Calico Craft Parts used:
Beach Huts


  1. You or not you - it definitely is a very beautiful project, Trish! I LOVE that the crackle gets to play a main role due to the lack of colour. And the texture pops even more that way too. Wow! xxx

  2. It may or may not be you... it's definitely me! I absolutely love it... it's like a long, deep, calming breath of fresh sea air. Stunning crackle and beach texture.
    Alison x

  3. What a lovely textural piece. I really like the simplicity and the cool tones. This is such an evocative summer project. xx

  4. its just SO beachy, washed out wood looking. I love it.

  5. Just lovely! You've really melted my heart with that crackle and your huts are painted perfectly for a real shabby look! Love this! Would you mind sharing what crackle paste you use. I'm not having much luck with Golden right now (have in the past) and W. Vecchi's just dries up so quickly. Thank you!