Sunday 22 May 2016

Calico Farewell - by Alison

Hello everyone.  It's Alison here with a heavy heart, as it's time for me to say goodbye to the Calico team.  My regular followers know that I'm having to make quite a few farewells at the moment.  Life has become very busy - all in a good way, I'm happy to say - and I can't give my DT work the attention it deserves.

I've so enjoyed being on the team here, both when it was Calico Crafts and in the new incarnation... it's been a real honour and a delight to be a part of the renaissance into Calico Craft Parts.  I simply love the Craft Parts - they always inspire me, and lots of the projects I've created with them give me great joy.

So here, as a farewell, are some of my favourite Calico Craft Parts creations.  I hope you enjoy seeing them again as much as I loved making them.  The captions will take you to the posts in case you want a proper reminder, or you want to go shopping for any of the Craft Parts on display!

Apologies if I've missed out one of your favourites - you can always track it down by hitting the Alison Bomber label below, which will call up all my posts here at the Calico Craft Parts Blog.

My thanks go to Helen and Zuzu and all the amazing creatives I've worked alongside here.  With the fantastic new team members joining the stalwarts, I know things will go from strength to strength.  Thank you for having me and enjoy the ride, everybody!

Alison x
Words and Pictures 


  1. You will be missed.... You have made some amazing creations with the craft parts. I think I have missed a couple of these so will be taking a peek xx

  2. Alison, it has been a real pleasure to see the art you have created with the Calico Craft Parts and also to be reminded of some of them here! I think you will be greatly missed! xxx

  3. Wow Alison, what an excellent farewell tribute to calicocraftparts........saying it in the form of wonderful pieces of art. I hope that you will continue to pop up and inspire me with your delightful work. Enjoy your travels and look forward to hearing all about them.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous makes Alison x I am inspired to use some of the many CCP's I have as its a shame for them to be in a box

    You will be missed here but getting the work balance right is important

    Take care
    Annie x

  5. Alison, I am sure Calico will miss you just as much as we will!! Your creations are all fabulous and each one rocks the Calico product! Well done on time served on the DT!
    Jackie xx

  6. Oh Alison, what a lovely collection from your time spent at CCP! Beautiful doesn't describe well enough - there is no appropriate word for your awe inspiring creativity! I really have learned a lot by watching you craft and hope that somehow you will continue to find time for blogging and crafting in your busy live. Hugs, Autumn

  7. Your Calico Creations have always been such an inspiration, Alison! Your imagination and Calico have been perfect partners. What a treat to see these beauties again. Thank You for all the originality, ideas and words of wisdom, and lots of luck and joy in all your exciting adventures in the future. xx

  8. I have always loved all of your Calico creations Alison, you will be missed for sure!!

  9. I share the feelings of Astrid that I can read above.. All these projects (and many others!) with your Calico Craft Parts have been amazing and so beautiful, I have loved them to bits Alison. I'm sure you will be missed A LOT by the team and the owners! xxx

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