Wednesday 25 May 2016

Best Foot Forward by Lesley

Hey people. Lesley here with a little assemblage number for you.

As usual, i didn't really have a clue where i was going with this piece when i started out. But i did have houses in my head.

I glued the small cube together and gave it a coat of gesso and then a wash of grey paint. There was some printed tissue on my desk, so they got glued down with another wash of paint over the top.

I used the mini plaques in wood and greyboard to decorate the sides of the cube. And then added some texture balls (very messy!) A few little bits and bobs from my stash and some words were added.

The roof is actually a building block donated by my twins and painted. This was placed on top of some driftwood discs. I added a couple of eyes and a rusty spring.

The house looked a bit weeny, so i attached it to a vintage porcelain leg from an old doll. It wasn't too stable, so i mounted it onto a fancy atc.

Finally i added some dots using a white acrylic paint pen.

I can see more houses on legs being made........perhaps a whole street!

Thanks for reading.


Ingredients used
Shaped ATC wood blank
Mini rectangle greyboard shapes
Notched rectangle wood shapes
Artist trading block, small


  1. Lovely quirky house Lesley. Love the triangular piece with the eye and added white details. Great title too. Tracy x

  2. hahah, I often work that way too - not really having a clue where the project will take me. Your one-legged cube with all-seeing roof is just brilliant! And the title is too. xx

  3. Just love this! It's so wacky and original! I'm grinning from ear to ear! Great use of the wonderful Calico parts! xx