Thursday 10 December 2015

No tails.......but a top hat by Lesley

Oooooooh........not much longer until the fat bearded man pays us all a visit.....hope you have been good?
I've been playing around with a few bits and bobs making Christmas decs for the house. I'm not one for what i call 'normal' decorations, and prefer the more unusual ones. With that in mind......i made this.......

I began by giving the tree a watered down coat of gesso. Whilst the tree was in two parts and flat i heat embossed the hearts and stars, and then slotted the tree together. Do not paint the tree and try and put it ain't gonna happen!

Using red and white paint, i covered the entire tree. I then splodged on some light modelling paste with my fingers in random patches and sprinkled glitter over the top. 

It was looking far too sparkly for my liking after it had dried! So i took some gun metal grey paint and dry brushed it over everything. The sparkle is still there.......just not completely in your face!!

The dolls head was attached using some clay. She had a layer of crackle paint covering her head. Once dry, i rubbed in some purple wax cream into the cracks. Glitter was added to her eyes, and tinsel around her neck.

I've been itching to use this little top hat for a while! I painted it the gun metal grey colour and then added glue and little beads and glitter. And then glued it on at an angle. 

 I attached a long crystal dangly thingymebob to her tinsel to finish her off.

These trees are super sturdy and will take a lot of weight.
 I have used the largest of the sizes here........but i have a feeling that this madam will be having some children very soon!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Oooh Lesley what a fab decoration my husband loves it too he prefers Christmas on the dark side

  2. Oooh these trees are fabulous . Love the touches of colour and great idea to add your own unique Angel to the top.. Tracy x