Thursday 12 November 2015

The Different Faces of Christmas by Lesley

So, Halloween is done and dusted for another year, which can only mean one thing........the "C" word is on its way!
There are oodles of goodies in the shop, and one of my most favest are the little gingerbread men. They are far too cool! To begin with i wanted to do a Christmas piece, then when i sat down........i didn't! In the end i came up with something that is not Christmassy to look at but indeedy is all about Christmas!

I created three ATC's using the gingerbread men to describe what my twinnies are like over Christmas!
The bases were all primed with white gesso, and i then dry brushed some red paint over and then when it was dry i added some tangerine coloured paint. Once this was dry, i added a touch of burnished gold paint. The same was done to the frames. 
Using different stencils and white paint, i decorated the base of the ATC's, and added a few touches using a gold acrylic paint pen. The wee gingerbread fellas were painted with the same burnished gold paint and highlighted with a black pen. 

So......the first face of Christmas for my twins is major excitement obviously! These little guys look like they are doing jumping jacks in excitement.........

And the second face of Christmas is the Tired face. This usually kicks in about 8 Christmas day evening. Hence the "pooped" wording!

And the final face of Christmas is the "gutted" face. This usually occurs on Boxing day morning when they realise that all presents have been opened and its another year until the next Christmas! ha ha!!

Now......i had one ATC left on my desk, so had to use it right?

This is my face currently!Its suddenly dawned on me that i haven't even thought of presents, let alone bought any.......hence the "sad" face!

 And that is the faces of Christmas in my house!

I urge you to go over to the shop, and snaffle up some Christmas stuff. And if you use the gingerbread men, please post your pics on the Calico facebook page......would love to see what you do with them!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used

Mini gingerbread men
Mini star wreath
Mini jagged plaques
Arched ATC with frame
Plain ATC with frame


  1. Oh how cute! I'd been wondering whether to get some Gingerbread Men, and I think I will now!
    Alison xx

  2. I love how Lesley has thought outside the box with this weeks piece, looking at Christmas from her Twinnies point of view, Actually that pooped one is just how I feel at the end of Christmas Day lol. I love the out of the ordinary colours for Christmas too. We should remember fun in our art and these portray that perfectly. Tracy x