Saturday, 5 September 2015

Last of the summer leaves. Book box (Inside): By Zuzu

Better late than never they say...
I am indeed late with this. but here it is at last; the inside of the "last of the summer leaves" book box.
(I saw my first autumn leaves yesterday so its really happening).
Here is a wee reminder of the outside of the book box...

I sprayed the inside of the box with some DecoArt misters and painted some flora and fauna parts. I particularly love the thistles (but i suppose thats because I am Scottish). I added the birds as I have also seen a few bullfinches eating the seeds from the thistles in the field behind my house recently.

The components inside have been put in in layers so that it is 3D but its very hard to show depth from a 2D image. I have tried by taking this photo at an odd angle (not very flattering lol)
 As usual, I did break some of the craft parts up so I could reconfigure them in a way that i wanted. they don't need to be exactly as they arrive. i snapped off pieces and rearranged them. i also broke off the branch the hummingbirds were feeding from so I could make it look like they were feeding from the thistles.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Thistle flower branch style 2 (medium and large)
Humming bird duo.
Wild grass wood shape
Fancy flower flourish
Flowering vine (border wood shape)

and of course the... Book box kit (medium)


  1. Hurrah - how gorgeous to see the inside, and it was well worth the wait. Stunning foliage layers, and I love how you've left the vine and the hummingbirds "naked" - really makes them pop.
    Alison xx

  2. Beautiful Zuzu! Love those vivid colors!