Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Talk To The Hand by Lesley

Another fab new product in the shop this week, in the shape of a cube!

Love, love these......i think we all do here!

I took one of the teeny ones with a round aperture, and made this.........

To be honest, i'm not to sure what it is! But i kinda like it!
I started by painting all the sides of the cube with Decoart fluid acrylics. Once dry, i glued it altogether.

Because i was paying no attention to what i was doing (far more interested in the music i was listening to) i made a mistake when gluing it together.........and i had the imprint of the letters on the outside.....what a tool! cover the little letters, i painted some little wooden buttons and glued them on top.......and it worked! They look like they should be there!

I used a stencil and white paint for the outside of the box, and then added some painted stars and good old rusty wire!

The hand is made out of bisque....not the best surface for paint to adhere to without some sort of primer. I gave it a light coat of Decoart modelling paste before attacking it with lots of paint!

I got carried away and gave it some bloodied finger nails!

I couldn't not give the box any feet.

To stand the hand up......i used tiny crushed ballast.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lovely Lesley, the stencil is really effective and I love those buttons on each corner and the added feet. The bisque hand is a fab touch. Tracy x