Saturday, 8 August 2015

Last of the summer leaves: book box by Zuzu

Well to be more accurate its the "Outside" of the book box. not all of it. I will do the inside later and put it up for my next post. I have not decided how I want the inside to look yet.

So my Rowan tree has got its berries, and I can't help wondering where the summer went. I dont know how it was for you were you live, but in Scotland, we hardly had a single dry day. record breaking rainfall since records began and it broke the record with still 4 weeks to go. sigh.
anyway, I decided to capture the full greenery of summer with a few touches of colour before it got to that point where we were all making lovely autumnal items.
as luck would have it, we actually had a dry day today so I could get photos (Yay).

I did my cover before assembling the box frame for the inside as it was easier to do that way. the face is from a sugar craft mould I got on ebay and I used that light weight paper clay stuff for it. other than the paint and glue, everything else you see is a calico craft part of some sort.

I admit, I do tend to break the parts into little pieces quite a lot and use the bits that fit in best. this also means I often have little left over bits that appear in future projects.
Once i had assembled all the parts the way I wanted, I sprayed over them with DecoArt misters and then did a few touches of colour detail using DecoArt metallic lustres.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Medium book box
Maple leaf twig
mini sugar maple leafe twig
red oak leaf twig
mini butterfly sheet

various left over broken floral bits from previous projects.


  1. Gorgeous, love those greens and the metallic touches . The face nestled in the leaves is a lovely touch. Tracy x

  2. Simply stunning - what an amazing Green Man creation - inspired to stock up on leaves now!!
    Alison xx

  3. Amazingly Brilliant!! I just love this Louise!! xo

  4. Beautiful! Looks like something from a fairy tale.