Saturday, 25 July 2015

Life on Kepler 452b: By Zuzu

So I got some of those fantastic new Artist trading Block style cubes from the shop and have been itching to use them. As I had a nice selection and not all the same, I decided to do a stack.
I have also been watching the discoveries of Kepler and this wonderful new planet Kepler 452b that is being dubbed "Earth 2.0".
My stack shows what life on Kepler 452b looks like. Its covered in peaceful, gentle and loving, star gazing hares (If only).

I used Decoart crackle paste on the large cube (here is a close up as its hard to tell from my "rainy day photos".)
I poked some holes in the roof of it and jabbed the Craft Part stars into them. secured with some wood glue.
The grass is another book page (painted with translucent white media fluid.) folded in an accordion/concertina style fan and snipped along the edges.
The middle cube was covered in book pages. I found the pages to be a bit too aged and yellow for the look I wanted so I used DecoArt media fluid translucent white on them. it whitens the paper but lets the text shine through. I could have used a very watered down white but that would have weakened the integrity of the paper and could well have resulted in tears and worn bits.
And lastly, the top cube was painted with crackle paint and has a wee star inside and a crown to reflect the imagery of the crowns the hares are wearing, tops the stack off nicely.
Thanks for stopping by.
Z x

Calico Craft Parts used:

ATB cube kit Square aperture Large
ATB cube kit plain cube Medium

ATB cube kit Arch aperture small
sheet of mini stars
sheet of mini alphabet letters (I am using old stock so may differ slightly from the new stock)


  1. Oh beautiful - so subtle with the weathered book text and hints of fine crackle. What a wonderful home for the hares (I know they say they're rabbits, but seriously...). Gorgeous - can't wait to have a play with these fab ATBs!
    Alison xx

  2. This is so fun, Louise! I have not seen ATBs before but I love the idea! Your project is adorable. I love the bunnies looking upward to the dangling stars. Very clever and white washed WONDERFUL!

  3. Love the weathered look and star gazing is perfect for,this piece. Love the hares. Brilliant piece . Tracy. xxxx

  4. How very imaginative Louise and great use of your cubes. Love the way you have adhered the stars......I just love CCP's............they add that perfect touch to your projects

    TFS and hugs
    Annie x