Thursday, 23 July 2015

Treat Me As you Would The Queen - by Lesley

Hey people, Lesley here with a canvas this week. I used one of the flamingo bird shapes. How i have managed to miss these until now is a mystery! They come in two sizes.......if you're going to order one, i have one word for you......MEASURE! I didn't, and they are bigger than i thought!

I started by giving the canvas a coat of gesso, and i then i randomly splodged on some Decoart black paint. Using a few different coloured gelato's, i scribbled them on......blending them with my finger as i went along. 

My twins are always asking me why i don't have my name on my work like they do at i drew my nickname Lelly with white gelato on the background. You can just about make it out!! It kept them happy!!

The flamingo was painted black and then a layer of Decoart crackle glaze with antiquing cream rubbed into the cracks. I gave the birdie a wee crown to finish her off.

Using Decoart triple gloss and a stencil and spatula, i added some texture to the canvas in random places. Once dry, i went over the top with some gelato colours. I then added some strips of washi and fabric tapes.

I painted the mini plaques, and stamped the wording on. The little words were just stamped onto scraps of canvas. 

I love these flamingoes........reminds me of the TV programme Miami Vice! Do you remember that? Or am i getting old? ;)

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  1. What a stunning piece, Lesley. I love that the flamingo is in crackled shadow and all the joy and warmth of his pinkness is in the amazing layered colours behind him. Fabulous!
    Alison xx