Thursday, 4 June 2015

Shrine kit take 2: By Zuzu

Well as promised, I am back with the new look shrine.

I took my bobbin queen out and painted the shrine in bright colours.

I painted a flourish corner as extra decoration for the top.

I used the blank left over pieces from the kit to make a back panel and decorated it with paints and a Frida Kahlo stamp.

then I added some broken jewellery and a couple of skulls.

and then I got carried away and did a third version (there are more paint layers on this shrine now than the Forth Rail Bridge).

I painted it white again and turned it into a wee fisherman's shack with a lobster pot, fishing net, anchor, mermaid and hanging fish.

Calico Craft Parts Used:

Shrine kit
Floral art deco corner 



  1. OMGosh- you have painted over and over your shrine again?!! All three versions are so lovely-but I do miss your bobbin girl! ")