Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hold On Tight... by Trish


I have phases... and I'm way way past being a teenager, so can't blame my age lol! My current phase is 'draw little people and glue them to everything'!

So..... here is my creation for today!

My dyptich is made from two ATC blanks. These are amazing, there are so many different types and shapes to choose from! I chose the classic arch..

The blanks come as two separate pieces....

(v small pic there pinched from the Calico site!!)

This means you can easily join two arches together, and still have the edge detail intact. I used a sheet of canvas, cut to the shape of the two base pieces, with a small rectangle shape joining the two together . The canvas was then glued across the two base pieces, then the edges glued over the top. Weird shot showing the 'sandwich'..

A small strip of canvas was glued to the back to make the hinge part more secure...

Then the dyptich is then ready to decorate....

I created a simple background by smearing on lime, white and turquoise paint. Once dry, I added white splats with ultra thick embossing powder, and white painted dots around the edges using the tip of a pencil.

I then drew and coloured my figure, cut her out and glued her down...

I added word stickers to the other side of the dyptich, along with red painted hearts..

As a finishing touch, I drew around the edges with a watercolour pencil, and blurred the lines with a waterbrush.

Love these blanks lots, and will be looking for more unusual ways of using them shortly!

Have a great day!

Trish xxxx


  1. Fabulous!! Great way to use those blanks and I adore your painted girl!!!

  2. Gorgeous , love that green and your little girl. Tracy x

  3. what a gorgeous painting :) I love the colour on this too. you could sell these with different quotes. :D

  4. Really like this project, don't know why I haven't seen it before, but better late than never! Like the girl and the quote. I have one my Mum wrote on a sticky note with pansy's on it and it just says, "think about your dreams". I miss her. So I wish you a very Happy New Year, all the best. Cheers
    Victoria, BC