Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Window to the past by Zuzu


Hi there.

I’m sharing a little plaque today. I liked the look of all the doors and windows in the shop and when the postman brought them I was keen to use on on something… anything… 

The substrate I’ve used is actually a piece of grey-board that the shop used to keep the craft parts from getting broken in the post. So it’s like a little free plaque.

And the photo is of my mum as a baby. I have two of these photos. one in the original sepia sort of colours and this one with the colour added (this is just a copy of the original). It is one of the few old family photos I have that has been colourised like this. Very interesting now that we take colour photos for granted. Wonder how much it cost my grandparents to have that done.

When I use craft part embellishments I often break off bits that fit the size and shape I need at the time so I am often left with little piles of left over broken flourishes and leaves etc. This little plaque was the perfect size to use some of those up. It’s going to be hard to give you a supply list for those little bits but I will do my best. 

But it is worth noting that when you are selecting your flourishes, it’s a good idea to think about which ones you could break up into more than one piece to use in different ways. 

Supply list

Arched window

Songbird trio (I used part of it in a previous project so mine is a songbird duo.)

Mini hardware sheet

Swirly flourish (bits of it)

Mini sheet of butterflies (style 6)  

Mini sheet of hearts 

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