Monday 17 April 2023

Wonky Forest House

 Hello everyone!


 When I discovered the wonky house, I immediately thought it was not just for Halloween,

 it could also be a wonderful old enchanted wooden cabin in a magical forest. 

So I quickly glued the parts together, which wasn't that easy,

 but I wanted to create an old half-ruined romantic hut.



 raw construction

used Trefoil border shape as a base board

looked for a few matching pieces in Autumn & Woodland Shapes section. 

 Have you seen the new Skeleton, Dead Trees, Stumps & Branches?

Love them, perfect for an enchanted forest theme

and a lot of other fantasy themes!

You will certainly be able to discover them here more often in the near future. 😀

All parts were painted with acrylic paint, finally I added some suitable

 dried natural materials.

various side views


 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!





  1. As always you have added your very own unique magic to the lovely Craft Parts, Kerstin! I love what you did to the Wonky House set!!! Absolutely love it! xxx

  2. Thank you very much dear Claudia!