Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Wishing Well by Kat Hazelton.

There is something wonderfully magical about a wishing well. 
My great grandfather had a wishing well in his back garden which he said had a magical troll living in it! Now I cannot say whether this was true or not having never seen the Troll in person! But who knows he was quite insistant and he seemed a sensible old man! 
Many Wishing Wells in the UK raise money for charities so if you see one pop in a coin or two and make a wish as even if your dreams do not come true someone else's might through your kindness. 

To make a wish visit a well and tell it your desires,
A coin from your pocket the well it does requires. 
If the coin lands heads up then good luck for you. 
If head faces down, your wishes won't come true! 

To make your own magical Wishing Well scene you will need. 

Assortment of inks I used blues, greens and purples. 
Assortment of paintbrushes, splattering brushes. 
White highlighter pen. 
Gold ink or gold pen for adding dots. 
Brown crayon. 
Acrylic paint in matt white. 
Super glue. 

To start off I painted all my MDF and wood shapes with a matt white acrylic paint. This gives a really good undercoat to using inks. 

Once the paint was thoroughly dry I started painting the birchwood plaque with my inks. The joy of using ink on birch is they give very soft textural effects. I did a combination of spraying, splattering and gentle brush strokes with a dry paintbrush. I used a combination of greens, blues and purple inks. 

I then painted my ferns with the same mixture of greens, blues and purples. Being MDF these colours came out a little stronger in colour which gave a good contrast to the, softer etherial background. 

To add an extra magical sparkle I used gold ink which I watered down and splattered with an old paint brush. 

To give the Wishing Well a magical other worldly feel I decided not to paint over the ghostly acrylic white undercoat. I also did the same with the rabbits and toadstool. The little extra details were achieved using a white highlighter pen. I also added some definition and shading to the roof and the stonework with a brown crayon. 

I then assembled all my shapes and once I was happy with the layout I glued them into place with super glue. 
I then finished off the scene with little magical glowing gold orbs which I made using a gold pen. 

✨Now make a wish! ✨


Well I hope you enjoyed another 'Kat make'. I hope they inspire you to have a go at creating your own.
If you have any questions please get in touch I am always happy to help if I can. 
Another 'Kat make' coming soon.
Until then happy making, 
Kat 😊

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