Thursday 24 March 2022

'Moonlight' by Kat Hazelton

Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 'Cats' was based on the book of poems by T. S Eliot called 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats'. Written in the 1930's the book of poems centres around the personalities of different cats such as Mr. Mistoffelees, who is a small black cat who can walk on the narrowest rail and do magic. Macavity the Mystery Cat who is a master criminal and referred to as the Napoleon of Crime. A possible reference to Sherlock Holmes calling Moriarty as "the Napoleon of Crime" in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the Final Problem!
In the stage play the main plot centres on the tribe of cats, called Jellicles, coming together for the annual Jellicles Ball to decide which cat will ascend to Heavebside to be reborn. Heavebside being cat heaven. During the stage play an ostracised older cat called Grizabella, famously played by Elaine Paige, sings a beautiful song called 'Memories'. This song was also adapted from T. S Eliot's work a poem called "Rhapsody on a Windy Night". The melancholic poem walks the reader through the spooky dark streets of a town or city lit only by the moon and lamplight.
To make this T. S Eliot's Cats inspired mixed media picture you will need.

Canvas or MDF sheet for background. 

Acrylic paints, paintbrushes. 

Gloss varnish. 

Silver metallic flakes and flake glue

Silver glitters including stars. 

Card and scissors. 

PVA glue. 

Using acrylic paints I created a moody midnight backdrop.

To create the big silvery moon I cut a circle from card. I then covered the moon in glue and silver metallic flakes. Once dry I gently rubbed the flakes into a smoother surface. I then glued the moon onto my nighttime backdrop adding additional glitter and silver stars. 

I then painted all my MDF shapes. Firstly with a white base, then with black paint. To finished them off I then painted them all with a layer of gloss varnish and silver metallic highlights. And yes one of the cats is in fact a dog! But when in shadow I thought he bore a resemblance to Rum Tum Tugger! Probably my favourite cat! 

Then I positioned and glued my MDF shapes into place to create my Catty scene. 

Well I hope you enjoyed another 'Kat make'. I hope they inspire you to have a go at creating your own.
If you have any questions please get in touch I am always happy to help if I can. 
Another 'Kat make' coming soon.
Until then happy making, 
Kat 😊


  1. Another amazing make and a clever use of materials, gorgeous colours too.