Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Giant cog - mini robot: by Louise Crosbie (Zuzu)

Hi there folks.

I’m sharing this assemblage that I learned in a class given by Nuneka Box. She used lots of resin pieces and metal embellishments but I decided to try my version using calico craft parts. 

I do love Nuneka’s style and her classes are very inspiring whilst being great fun. This one was part of her patreon membership.

I have used a few bits of resin cast in Finnabair moulds but it’s probably 90%  calico craft parts.

Parts used

Giant cog

Sheet of MDF cogs: 3

Sheet of MDF cogs: 4

Edison bulbs and chains

Mechanical clockwork motif 24

Cogs and clock hands

Mechanical clockworks motif number 16

Mechanical clockworks motif number 27

Sheet of mini hardware 

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