Saturday, 30 October 2021

Beware Dementors by Kerstin

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Have you seen the latest Hanging kits on Calico Craft Parts???

Awesome 🎃👀🎃, such a lot of creative possibilities!!

 Today the third variant

 Some of you may remember on my Pirate curse project

for which I also used this Skull & Ghosts Hanging kit.



These floating ghosts reminded me of dementors known from the Harry Potter movies. 

I was inspired to create a shadow frame with an illuminated 3D effect in mixed media style. For this special effect I used half a transparent acrylic globe 

and thought about the magical shield around Hogwarts.



Skull & Ghosts - MDF Halloween Hanger Kit


 one becomes two 😀


Beware Dementors

They have the ability to drain men of their happy memories

 until they have to relive their worst moments over and over again.

! Maximum scary factor !

- only happy memories can help -


some close up's




used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Skull & Ghosts - MDF Halloween Hanger Kit

Mushrooms - Fungi MDF Wood Shape - Style 12

 Zombie Arms and Boots - MDF Add On Sheet




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Happy crafting!