Monday, 16 August 2021

Alice book box: by Louise


Hi there.

Today I’m sharing a decorated Book Box. 

To be honest, this is a re-makeover as I’m using a book box I decorated way back in September 2015 .

Most of us move on, learn new techniques and , hopefully, improve. And when I looked at the book box on my shelf, I knew it was not nearly as good as it could be  so I tore some bits off, left most of the leaves on it, covered it in black gesso, then started it’s second makeover.

I’ve only added a toadstool ( I broke one off from a set of three as it’s what I had in my craft parts stash), some resin roses and a couple of mould casts of Alice and the wonderland plaque . I’ve not done the inside yet so maybe that will be my next post  I’ve not decided how I want inside to look.

Calico craft parts used  

Thistle flower branch style 2 (medium and large)
Humming bird duo.
Wild grass wood shape
Fancy flower flourish
Flowering vine (border wood shape)
and of course the... Book box kit (medium)