Monday, 7 September 2020

Celebration Garden by Jannet

Hello, I hope all is ok with you. Today I am sharing a special miniature garden which I have created for someones  90th Birthday ! In his younger days the recipient was a Farmer, and is still a keen gardener today. I began by selecting my  items for the special garden, a shed was the obvious first choice, and then I picked sunflowers, blackberries, and other exciting garden goodies to work with. 

To try and make the shed look similar to the recipients own shed I  painted it with blue and yellow stripes. To create a metallic look  I used silver embossing powder on the chimney, and also around the tiny shed sign. I found some lovely gardening tools on a dolls house miniature site. I strung some string across the back of the shed before gluing the sides on which held the string tightly in place. I made a little knot around each tool to hold them securely, we don’t want those little tools falling on anyone!

For the fence I used a coat of gesso followed by white acrylic paint and then Decoart crackle paste. After painting the sunflowers I added some brown fun flock to the centres, which gave them some lovely soft texture. 

I used some air drying clay to make some tiny pots, and various fruits and vegetables. After they were all dry I painted them with acrylic paints. 

I used a circle Mixed Media Board for the base of the garden, and I covered it in green 3D paint which I heated with a heat gun after applying. It gave a lovely texture.I added various dried and pressed flowers to the garden, and also a few chosen dolls house garden bits and bobs. 

I completed the garden with the number 90 painted in gold and planted in the largest of the clay pots and ...

... a sleeping doggie on the other side of the fence.

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