Monday 1 June 2020

Rainbow Bridge by Jannet

Hello, I hope you are staying safe and well. My inspiration today is The Rainbow Bridge Poem. When a beloved pet dies they go to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for their best friend to join them, then they will never be parted again. Calico Craft Parts have a large variety of dog breeds to choose from, and a selection of cats

Our hearts feel broken when we lose our beloved pet, so I wanted to show lots of cracks on the hearts to represent this feeling. I coated the hearts in a fairly thick layer of Deco Art Crackle Paste. 

I painted the beautiful Golden Retriever, and the lovely cat with acrylic paints. You can paint details to look like your own pet, or paint it all in black to create a silhouette.

I painted the wings with white acrylic paint, and then I mixed a white pigment powder with a little water. I painted it over the top of the paint  to give the wings a glimmering sparkle.

I painted Rainbow colours onto the cracked heart, and adhered the dog in the middle of the heart and then gave her wings. I repeated the process for the cat, but I also added a few splatters of white. 

If you know someone who has lost a beloved pet this would make a thoughtful memorial for them 

Take care xx

Calico Craft Parts used 

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