Monday, 6 April 2020

Easter Wreath by Jannet

This is the time of year, that I start thinking about decorating our home for Easter/Spring. This year I thought I would make an Easter/Spring Wreath. 

For my base I used a circle of thick card which I cut from packaging, with another circle cut in the middle to create an aperture. I  covered the base with moss, which can be purchased from floral and craft shops. 

I selected beautiful spring daffodils, and a cute Easter bunny to paint and adorn the wreath. After I took this photo a hedgehog and squirrel came out of hibernation, and wanted to be painted too. So they could also jump onto the wreath. 

I adhered all of the wooden pieces into the wreath adding a few dried sunflower petals around the Easter Bunny. I finished by punching a whole into the top of the wreath and threading yellow yarn through it to hang it up with. 

To make the wreath I used the following Calico Craft Parts 

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