Saturday, 8 February 2020

Spring awakening - Home decor by Kerstin

Hello, dear crafty friends!

January is finally over and the first snowdrops
 are blooming in my garden -
the first hope of spring with more light and warmth.

I was inspired to create a new home decor piece with a shabby shed, some sparrows and these wonderful snowdrops.

Tips & Tricks 

1. I used two  sizes of
 Jagged Edge Birch Ply Wood Plaque - the larger as 
my base plate, 
the smaller got a special treatment (see next step)

 2. I sawed the smaller one into two parts as shown in the picture above and placed them flat on the larger base part, leaving a gap, because...

3. ...into that I glued the Tudor Arch Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board

4. everything then got glued together and onto the larger Jagged Edge Wood Plaque (=my "base plate").  

I always use cold glue; this takes a little longer, but is very stable after drying



Painting tips:

  • if the colours are to be bright and radiant, it is advisable to prime with acrylic white paint first
  • often it is totally sufficient to just pick up a bit of paint with a dry brush and distribute it randomly,
 this way the trees look more natural

some close up's

Calico Craft Parts used:

Tudor Arch Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board

 Jagged Edge Birch Ply Wood Plaque


 Engraved MDF Garden Shed Kit - Tall with Sign

Songbirds in Spring 

Skeleton Tree MDF Wood Shape - Style 3

 Leafy Vine MDF Wood Corner Embellishment - Style 37

I hope I could inspire you to look forward to spring with me.

Thanks for your visit!
Happy crafting!


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  1. I love how you've used Calico Craft Parts to build the stand for your lovely spring scenery, Kerstin! Very clever! Great crackle too and you have painted everything so beautifully! Love this!

    Claudia xxx