Saturday 30 November 2019

Time flies - Mixed Media Tag by Kerstin

Hello  creative friends!

 I know,  I know,... Halloween is past already.... what a pity :-)

I love to think out of the box though,
so why shouldn't it be possible to use these hands from the Halloween craft parts section
 for grungy projects of all kinds?!


When I saw one of the latest awesome MDF Add On Sheets

 Arms and Boots

Zombie Arms and Boots - MDF Add On Sheet 

I was instantly inspired to create a new mixed media tag in a grunge weathered wooden style.

The hands were just perfect for my theme! How often do we wish we could just stop the time
 in very special moments.

some close up's

 you can find a tip on
how to make those little candles




Create a simple roof and shelf

I used a fine saw and split the shape into two parts.
I did the same for the shelf on the bottom edge.

Rectangle Shape with Notched Corners - MDF Mixed Media Board 75 x 38 mm
 Roof suitable for a classic tag 200 x 100 mm

Glue in place at an accurate angle with hot glue or wood glue 

Rectangle Shape with Notched Corners - MDF Mixed Media Board 100 x 50 mm 
for the shelf

For a better stability of the shelf, glue the second part right underneath


Calico Craft Parts used:
  Zombie  Arms and Boots

Roman Numeral Clock Face 
Clock Hands - MDF Add On Sheet

 I hope I could inspire you 

to have your own out of the box ideas!


Thanks for your visit!

Happy crafting!





  1. Wow! This project is so inventive and so beautifully done - as always! xx

    1. Thanks so much dear creative friend Julie!! xx

  2. Such an awesome idea to use those hands, Kerstin, to visualise your idea of us trying to stop the time at certain moments in our lives! There's a lot of poetry and melancholic feel to your beautiful make! Love it to bits, my friend!

    Claudia xxx