Saturday 7 September 2019

Never give up by Kerstin

Hello creative friends!

There are also times in life when you have to encourage yourself, when everything is just grey and black and you feel frozen inside. Many of us know that, but nobody dares to talk about it, because it doesn't fit into this perfect world and yet it belongs to it. Nobody can always be strong!
In one of these darker hours I created this mixed media Halloween tag.

Do you know the amazing MDF Tag Shape from Calico Craft Parts? I love these  shapes because they are very sturdy and don't deform when you are working with a lot of water. You can make them so versatile, quickly implement an idea and work with much or little time. 

The perfect project for quick styling in between times :-) !

side view

Tips & Tricks

1. Curtain of rags made with gauze and black acrylic paint
 Cut off a square piece of gauze, ink it with black paint, let it dry and cut some irregular strips in it
Then use a small strip of cardboard and glue it on the upper part 

2. I used the Sizzix Bigz 'Windows frame' (only the frame piece) 
and turned two parts into a double  

3. a 3D shelf  made from a mixed media board, 
the form I used is currently not available in the shop, 
    but you can also use the other shapes, 
which I linked below

I just split it in half and glue it with a hot glue gun
For more stability I used two cardboard pieces, as you can see on the bottom image.

4. I used the punched interior parts of the window frame as masonry pieces.

some details

 a broken window pane with a view of the cemetery


Calico Craft Parts products used:

Thanks for your visit!

Let your imagination run free!



  1. Sorry to hear you have been struggling with hard times, Kerstin, but your quote on the fabulously spooky and eerie tag shows that you have made it through and are now hopefully experiencing happier times! I am a huge fan of your 3D shelves and I love how you have used the left overs from the Calico Craft Parts too and made them part of the project too. Great texture and you have really managed to capture a sinister (or maybe melancholic) mood there! There's nothing better than a little art therapy - especially when it leads to such beautiful results! Hang in there!

    Claudia xxx