Sunday 22 September 2019

Autumn Mists - Storage Box

Hello, it's lovely to be here at Calico Craft Parts Blog, sharing an Autumn themed project with you.

When I'm not creating, one of my favourite things to do is to go on a country walk. Wandering in Nature is such an inspiration and, although there's something wondrous to see in every season, I find that autumn's light, colours and textures never fail to spark ideas for me.

I love to keep my art supplies on my desk in decorated storage that I hope will stimulate ideas for new projects, so I decided to try covering some cube storage in a combination of re-cycled tea-bags and napkin tissues. What I love about this mini-frame from Calico is that it can be adapted to evoke spring, summer or autumn.

The combination of napkin fragments, tea-bags and gesso was a great one for creating the impression of autumn mist.

Placing a single layer of tea-bag over the napkin, covering this with a diluted coat of Gesso and then painting over with a water-colour wash gave me the autumn mist effect I wanted.

A collage of autumn coloured napkins; washi tape and Acrylic paints diluted with Matt Medium helped create the mellow days of autumn when the boughs are heavy with fruit.

It's fun to create the effect of the turning leaves and to blend Calico Craft Parts in with the napkin design.

The Sheet of Mini Acorns and Oak Leaves is one of my favourites, reminding me of that thrill when we find Nature's treasures at our feet.

My Nature Goddess and her squirrel companions remind us that autumn is the time when we prepare for the future winter days. We bid farewell to summer, but it's a time of new educational terms too when we add to our store of knowledge.

Turquoise water-colour over Gesso co-ordinated with with the napkin tissue and tea-bag portraits and recalled those misty autumn skies. Now my storage box is finished and ready to my collection of oil pastels and to provide inspiration for lots of sketches and paintings over the coming winter months. Enjoy the fruits of autumn until we meet again in 2 weeks' time.
Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
Cube Storage Box Kit (large)
Wood Sugar Maple Leaf and Twig
Squirrels on a Branch Wood Shape
Mini Garden Birds Wood Shapes
Autumn Multi Frame Oak and Acorns (small)
Mini MDF Acorns and Oak Leaves


  1. This so beautifully captures the essence of autumn!

  2. The wistful, yet restful quality of this piece is utterly endearing, Julie. Thank you for the gift of your vision: it is unlike any other. xoxo