Saturday 17 August 2019

Tea Duelling Combatants Register

As you probably know, I’m a very keen steampunk. My society is hosting a “tea duelling” tournament in a few months and we needed a register for competitors to sign up, so I bought a cheap hard cover A4 notebook from the supermarket and gave it a makeover. 
Layers of Calico Craft Parts covered over with gesso and painted. Simple but effective. 

Craft Parts used:


  1. Beautiful texture and rainbow colours. This will be the perfect accompaniment to the tea duelling. xx

  2. A great steampunk creation, Louise! Tea duelling sounds you throw tea bags at each other or what is it about? Love your altered notebook a lot! xxx

  3. The two duellists sit opposite each other and with great ceremony the pot mistress or master pours them tea. Then the tiffin master or mistress brings the plate with the biscuits.
    When instructed, the competitors dunk their biscuit in their tea. The pot mistress/master calls time and the competitors take the biscuit out of the tea and hold it in front of them. Then they see who can last the longest and still take a “clean nom” of the biscuit.
    Wait too long and it disintegrates before taking your mouthful. Go to soon and your opponent may out do you by lasting a few seconds more.
    The winner is the one that last the longest before taking a bite of tea soaked biscuit but also doesn’t let the biscuit break or fall into their tea. ��
    It requires nerves of steel.