Saturday, 1 June 2019

Upcycle it! by Kerstin


Today I am sharing some new inspiration for using Calico Craft Parts. 
Together with some of their latest craft parts I used an old LP (vinyl record) as a base for a new mixed media project.
I have been wanting to try this upcycling idea for a long time now.

I have used various mixed media products such as crackle and texture paste, 
gesso and modelling paste.  
I wasn't sure how those media would behave on the LP,
but I have to say that in the end I was very astonished -
this substrate is actually very suitable and the black colour from the vinyl forms a good contrast
 and the vinyl also can even be stamped very well.

some close up's

I love the colour combination of black, brown and patina green!
This always creates a wonderful vintage and aged effect. 
Since I find the wooden parts are very beautiful already in their original condition, 
 I usually only add a shiny 3D varnish
 or transparent crackle paste on top.

Wooden shapes from Calico Craft Parts I have used:

Happy crafting!


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  1. Such an exciting piece of art - so much going on! xx