Saturday, 12 January 2019

Happy Mind - Homedeco by Kerstin

Welcome friends!

Today another winter inspiration project for a cosy home decoration. 

I was thinking of our dog - he loves the winter time and especially when it's snowing. 
Filou freaks out with the first signs of snow and when we are walking in the woods,
 he is full of enthusiasm and wants to go on and on.
No matter if it storms or snows, his nose is in the snow and he is always looking for a new trail to folllow.

I used a thick wooden board from a 'One Euro Shop' as a basis.
Together with some awesome wood shapes from Calico Craft Parts 
and some other self-made
winter-y elements it has become a unique home decoration piece.
And even better; here in my warm home, I can enjoy the snowy winter landscape
 comfortably with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee 
and without having icicles on my nose and wet shoes

I removed some parts of the snowman's faces
 and made them more transparent and filigree.

the big 'JOY' wooden letters were a perfect addition
 and background for this winter-y scene

The winter trees were only covered with some diluted white acrylic paint 
and some 'Snow - Tex'
(DecoArt). Together with some handmade winter firs
 and snowflakes (from silicone moulds) it's now a wonderful romantic winter scene.

I left the dog in the original colour shade and added only a little bit of white paint
 in a dry brush technique. That is meant to illustrate the stormy wind.

 Many thanks for your visit!
Have a good time!


  1. What a great way to enjoy the snow - safe and cosy with only the beautiful aspect of the wintry world to contemplate. I love how you feature your dog too! Stay safe and warm, Claudia. x

  2. Sorry, Kerstin, I think I called you, Claudia!

    1. No problem, I still felt addressed and thank you very much Julie Ann! Hugs, Kerstin xx