Thursday, 17 January 2019

Boat Shrine by Lesley

‘Tis my first Calico make for 2019, And I decided to make a little shrine. But using the little wooden boat. I love the shape of these boats.

I started by assembling it, and then painted the outside using textured paints in dark and light grey.
I used cream and a purple on the inside.

The key was painted green and I used a purple metallic wax on it. And then hung it from the arch of the boat.

The roses are another favourite of mine. These were snipped off from the branches and painted red and glued to the top.

I kept the other piece whole for the front.

I look forward to working with the other size boats. :)

Thanks for reading
L. X

Ingredients used

MDF Boat and Oars Kit
MDF Heart Key
Rose Bramble, style 2

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  1. Love your little shrine, Lesley. I like the shape of those boats too. x