Saturday 10 November 2018

Stag Nebula... or "oops I sat on my santa"!


This is not the project i had intended for you today. I laid my Santa, sleigh and deer and all, down because the cat was demanding attention. she needed out.
I came back and forgot where I had put poor Santa and his reindeer gang and promptly sat on them. *snap*... it was now in three pieces.
I was going to plough on with the project anyway as that's what glue is for but then I had another accident with the book box journal cover. Its fixable but its going to take a day or two to sort.
there are some days that are just not successful craft days and the bin gets full fast... this was such a day.

So.... This project is a bit of fantasy 'elf indulgence that takes me back to childhood and my dads, beautifully imagined and beautifully told, bed time stories.

I used to wonder how Santa and his gang travelled in the sky (didn't all Santa believing children wonder this?)
One day I heard my mum say "that's a snow filled sky" even though it wasn't snowing at the time.
As a child, I remember thinking, "ah... so the sky can be filled with snow. That must be how Santa's  sleigh works." I didn't know then that that was the expression for the way the sky looked just before a snow fall.
I told my dad and he wove it into an amazing bed time story about the deer/stag constellation (An old Babylonian/druid named constellation were we now place Scorpius.)
He told me the stag made of stars galloped trough the night sky and filled it with snow every Christmas eve. And How one Christmas miracle made the stag in the sky, the keeper of an amazing nebula filled with rainbow colours were new stars were born.
Anyway, they didn't have the photos of nebulas that we have now so it was left much to the imagination of a 6 or 7 year old girl and the creative story telling of her dad.

I'm going to put one each on the table at Yule, instead of a cracker, and inside each will be one of these bars of M&S soap (And a home made paper hat too obviously).

I tried to capture that story on this little altered box kit using my broken Santa and sleigh and a fair bit of glue. I failed somewhat but with the added flair of a photo app, it looks much more magical.

Craft Parts used

Trinket box kit
Santa and sleigh

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  1. I think you created something magical with that broken Santa - and there might just be a story in that too! This post really got me in the festive mood and I loved your dad's story-telling. xx