Thursday 15 November 2018

Christmas Baubles by Jennie

I have very happy memories of always making Christmas decorations as a child. I think my parents were very gracious at what artistic junk they probably allowed us put on the tree! 

So when I saw the circular Calico Craft Parts Christmas Baubles I just had to have a go at making a sort of simplistic honeycomb paper to go inside them. I have memories of making something similar from old papers and magazines !

This bauble uses ordinary book paper ....

..... and this one white tissue paper bought from my local supermarket.

It helps if you have a circular die to cut the papers but the circular pieces are easy to draw around and cut out to size.

Start with four circles of paper folded in half.

Open one up and put some PVA glue down the middle.

Add a folded circle to one side ......

...... and then the other.

Layer the final circle on top (you might need a little glue underneath to ensure it adheres).

Then fold everything to make a semi circle. 

Make three of these and glue together on top of each other. Then make three more sets to go into each of the segments.

The bauble pieces were painted with white acrylic paint and a gold pen run along the outside edges.

Then the front and back of each set of three circles was glued into the segment.

I did the same for the tissue paper but I made four lots of semi-circles for each segment as the paper is so much thinner.

I then added decorations .... handmade flowers and some purchased leaves.

The tissue paper bauble looks a bit more Christmassy with white flowers, berries and a Christmas sentiment.

I think this is certainly a project that my grandchildren aged 5 and 7 could easily handle so if you are looking for something to make with your children or grandchildren, this would be fun!

As always thank you for joining me today and happy crafting.

Jennie x

Calico Craft Parts used:


  1. These are lovely, Jennie. They are something so decorative and tasteful that would be a fantastic project for children and adults too, as they are so simple yet look so effective and beautiful. I really love the book text one especially. xx

  2. Thank you Julie - they really are quite simple but very effective x

  3. A great thing to do with the kids... or just me watching tv 😀. You make everything look so pretty Jennie ❤️

  4. Jennie, your bauble decorations are truly beautiful, thanks so much for sharing the 'how to' as well! Anne xx

  5. Love your wonderful idea in 3D look, very suitable for a shabby chic christmas home decoration!xx

  6. So pretty, so unique and so inspirational....Thank you x.

    1. Thank you! and do share if you have a go at making them x

  7. These are utterly lovely, Jennie - a lovely idea brilliantly executed with your delicate, lighter than air touch. Delightful.
    Alison x