Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Day My Dog Ate My Calico Piece by Lesley

Huge apologies, sadly...…...I have nada to show you this week. :(

I did have a Halloween piece, a spooky door hanger made...…but it is no more.
6 months ago, we got a puppy. An English bulldog called Teddy. He drives me to the brink of insanity every day, but also melts my heart just by looking at me.

Today he made me super cross.
I was at the kitchen table typing up my blog post. Door twins returning home from a play date. Whilst I was opening the door, my delightful dog jumped up and chewed my creation into pieces.

This is all that remains of my door hanger.
I can see the funny side of it now....earlier, not so much!

I'll leave you with an older creation, that I loved making, which you can see here.....and is very apt for Halloween...….my little flying skull people. :)

Thanks for reading. I will return with a Halloween piece very soon......keeping it far away from Teddybear dog.

L. xx


  1. You have my sympathy, Lesley. Our cat, Daisy was sick on my daughter's A level still life, a drawing she had lovingly worked on for some weeks in her room. Someone left the door open and the cat wandered in and thoughtfully puked up on the large, high quality sheet of paper left on the floor, she thought for that purpose!

  2. Hi Cathy your bulldog Teddy is adorable looking! My daughter has an English bully called tater he loves plastic drink bottles and when she’s not paying attention to him he gets all the pillows off which she has a lot of them on her two couches and throws them on floor lol! But you are right they are cute though!

  3. Love your skull people, Lesley, and am glad you brought these back onto the stage.

    Sorry though to hear about the lost new project and all the love and labour that have been put into it in vain. I have to say Teddy seems to be a connoisseur (Sorry for laughing too, but I just couldn't help it...and it IS funny in one way, isn't it?)

    Claudia xxx