Saturday, 27 October 2018

Tales from the crypt... by Zuzu

I’ve used one of the coffin kits for this weeks project. Coffin kit

On my first attempt, I turned it into a mini vampire hunting kit. I loved it, but I realised the religious iconography may have annoyed some people as I used a rosary, a crucifix and a mini bible or hymn book.
So, I went back to the drawing board so as not to offend anyone and made a little bandaged mummy with hints of Egyptology. Tales from the crypt... I am not a fan of  dolls in the usual sense. They’re way too creepy. Lol
But at this time of year, creepy is good.
I made a mummy out of one. (Kept one of her arms aside for another project.). It’s eyes still open and close *shudders*...

When you get your little coffin, it doesn’t have a lid as it’s a little shrine with shelves. But there is 
a section in the parts to discard that does fine as a lid if you cover some of the gaps. I used card on one side and black velvet on the other.

I stained and painted it all. Used mini hinges to attach my lid. Then added some Egyptian themed embellishments.
A nice new home for my mummy doll...


  1. Very cool - the exterior of the coffin looks fantastic, and I love both the shot of the Mummy emerging, and that atmospheric sepia photograph too - brilliant spooky inspiration.
    Alison x

  2. Maybe I shouldn't, Zuzu; but I find your little mummy rather endearing! I love the effects on the coffin. This is a brilliant, original Halloween creation. xx

  3. That coffin lid you've made, just rocks, Louise, and I can almost see it open veeery slowly and hear it creaking...those still opening and closing eyes would kill me...LOL. A brilliant Halloween make! Made it to my Top5 of Halloween makes this year! ;)

    Claudia xxx