Thursday, 4 October 2018

Faded Spendour by Jennie

Hello to you all and welcome to a bit of Faded Splendour!

I have to admit that this little project was not "splendour" initially and ended up in the bin at one stage! But it got rescued with a bit of extra painting!

I cut some pieces from the fence panel and painted them before applying DecoArt Crackle Paint. So far so good!

And this is where it all went wrong. I decided to paint this lovely pumpkin and ivy and then use Crackle Glaze over the top. However, my glaze had gone a bit thick and I made a really bad job of applying it! So that was when it had an overnight stay in the bin .......

I had another look the following morning and decided to go in with some DecoArt Quinacrodone Gold and Burnt Orange. I had nothing to lose so was rather gung ho! .....

.... but I was pleased with the results! Let's hear it for these two wonderful little pots (which I love) for their amazing rescue of this project!

I hope you will accept my honesty and whilst I am not 100% happy with the glazing at least I didn't lose this wonderful pumpkin and leaf and the gorgeous colours of Autumn which I love. There will be another Autumn project from me later in the month as it really is my favourite time of the year.

As always thank you for joining me today and happy crafting!

Jennie x

Live The Dream

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  1. It's lovely, Jennie! I'm glad you rescued the pumpkin&ivy piece from the bin! :)
    Claudia x

    1. Thanks Claudia! Just goes to show that it is worth being determined!

  2. I'm so glad you rescued your pumpkin from the bin - it looks wonderful against the gorgeous crackled picket fence. The whole thing looks lovely.
    Alison x

  3. It turned out beautifully, Jennie and really evokes autumn brilliantly. I'm glad you rescued this project from the bin too. xx