Thursday, 2 August 2018

Roll up! Roll up! The Clowns are Coming. - by Lesley.

Hey people...…I am back!
Have been missing in action for a while...… stuff had to come first for a bit, but all is settled now. :)
To get back into the flow of creating again, I decided to alter one of the fab cube storage boxes.

As well as dolls......I have a thing for circus type stuff, especially clowns! Not everyones cup of tea, I know! Whilst taking apart an old clown, I fell in love with the boots, so I had to use them.

I started off with gluing the box together and then priming it with gesso. next I painted the outer box with white acrylic paint, as well as the front of the pulley out bit.

I used low tack masking tape to create the stripes. The lines were quite harsh, so I doodled along the lines with black paint.
I painted some of the fleur de lis hinges with blue paint to match the clowns boots.

The whole box was given a coat of varnish to protect it. And then the boots glued on top.

Thanks for reading. :)

Ingredients used
Fleur di Lis hinges
MDF cube storage


  1. Great idea, Lesley! I love those stripes. Welcome back! xx

  2. Love the red and blue and the detail on the hinges , works so well with those clown feet which I adore, welcome back. Tracy ❤️❤️